This is the home page of the Tropic Organisation, the internet home for a group of friends who met at Cambridge, and their friends and families.

If you have any questions about zubin, our main presence on the internet, please email sysadmin at tropic.org.uk. If you have any questions about the Tropic Organisation in general then email admin at tropic.org.uk.

Tropical Documentation

A manual for using zubin, and other tropical services can be found here: info ».

Useful Pages

http://webmail.tropic.org.uk/ :Tropic Webmail.
http://login.tropic.org.uk/ :MindTerm login to zubin.
http://irc.tropic.org.uk/ :Web-based IRC client to #tropic.

Some Tropicalists’ pages

~jamie »:Jamie Collin
~ned »:Ned Gill
~mike »:Mike Pinna
~edward »:Edward Speyer
http://climbing.tropic.org.uk/ :Crispin’s climbing page
~andrew »:Andrew Griffiths
~stuart »:Stuart Reeves