Jamie Collin

Curriculum Vitae

61 East Avenue

Personal Details

Nationality British
Date of Birth 30th April 1981


2005 - 2009: DPhil. in Bio-medical Engineering at Oxford University supervised by Prof. C. C. Coussios
Research topic My thesis topic, "Detection and Interpretation of Thermally Relevant Cavitation During HIFU Therapy", allowed me to use and develop my experimental and theoretical research skills, and gain teaching experience. As the first doctoral student in my group I worked on the production and design of new ultrasonic sensors, and the design and implementation of an automated data acquisition and processing system allowing some of the best measurements in the field.
In theoretical work, I have developed numerical simulations of most aspects of the problem, requiring solution of nonlinear second order partial differential equations using a variety of tools.
My teaching experience involved demonstrating practicals, tutoring undergraduates and informal mentoring of Masters students.
Competencies Software development (matlab, labview, C), transducer manufacture and design, ultrasonic calibration and test, teaching.
1999 - 2003: Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge
BA hons MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics (2.1)
1994 - 1999 Canford School
A-Level Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A), S-Level Physics (distinction)
GCSE 4 at grade A*, 5 at grade A and 2 at grade B


2009 - 2014: Post-doctoral resercher in Biomedical Ultrasound at Oxford University
Research topics Implementation and deployment of a cavitation detection array to provide real-time feedback during ultrasound therapy of abdominal solid tumours.
My role in this project was widespread, covering low-level sensor design and modelling, hardware and software implementation of signal digitization and processing and integration with an existing clinical device. Installation and assessment of both the safety and performance of the detector prior to and during a clinical trial of ultrasound therapy in kidney tumours involved acting as the liaison between the clinical and engineering teams, enabling a rapid translation of laboratory developments into surgical trials.
A clinical trial of a thermally sensitive encapsulation of a chemo-therapeutic drug released with mild hyperthermia induced by ultrasound.
Utilizing skills and relationships acquired during the previous project, I have recently been involved in the setting up of a new clinical trial that will investigate the ability of ultrasound to release drug in a specific location only within a tumour. This has primarily involved pre-clinical safety and efficacy studies that inform the trial’s protocol.
Throughout my post-doctoral work I have mentored a number of Masters and PhD students and have been closely involved in the running of a 30-person laboratory. In addition I have setup and maintain a Linux server for my research group, providing backup services and collaborative tools.
Competencies Software development (matlab, labview, C), ultrasound array development, student supervision, laboratory administration, system administration
2004 - 2005:
Precision Acoustics
Physicist at the well respected hydrophone manufacturer and acoustic test company. Responsibility for ultrasound transducer design and prototyping.
2003 - 2004: Eastmond Publishing
Documentation production for Autograph, a mathematics teaching package. Authoring of the manual, help files and flash movie tutorials.

Other Interests

Passionate about music from classical singing through to emerging indie bands.
I enjoy climbing and hill walking within the UK and beyond.

Publications and Conference Presentations

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